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    Premier Pro (XP) Poly Sprayer - 1Gallon

    In Stock
    Price $165.00
    Availability: 200000 In Stock

    Chapin's 21210XP Premier XP Poly Sprayer is ideal for the home, lawn, garden and agriculture professional. It's compatible with common fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides.

    • 1-Gallon translucent tank
    • 4-inch wide mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning
    • Compatible with common fertilizers, weed killers and pesticides
    • Brass wand and shut-off, adjustable brass nozzle, anti-clog filter
    • Pressure relief system built into the tank

    Applications: weed and pest control, fungus control, fertilizing, general purpose cleaning

    Can be used for disinfection only when using a diluted mixture of bleach per the CDC guidelines. CDC states: 5 tbsp (1/3 C) of bleach per gallon of room-temperature water or 4 tsp of bleach per quart of room-temperature water.

    Chapin 22350XP, 2-gallon Industrial Cleaner & Degreaser Sprayer

    In Stock
    Price $124.23
    Availability: 20000 In Stock

    2 g poly tank and 4 in wide mouth opening

    Designed specifically for industrial strength cleaners and degreasers

    Chemical-resistant seals

    Pressure relief valve and lock-off feature to prevent accidental discharge

    Adjustable poly cone nozzle sprays coarse stream to a fine mist

    Carrying strap not included, purchase separately

    Made in the USA

    TOLCO, EZ Mist Sprayer, Bottle, White/Clear, 10oz, Upside Down, 12/CASE

    In Stock
    Price $118.60
    Availability: 20000 In Stock

    EZ Mist, a refillable bottle / sprayer combo that provides an aerosol-type mist without any chemical propellants.

    EZ Mist provides a 10 oz. refillable bottle with a patented design head that allows the user to spray almost any liquid in a fine, aerosol-type mist pattern. A single pull of the trigger activates a continuous spray that lasts approximately 1 second while releasing approximately 1.25mL of liquid. It is ideal for glass cleaner, sanitizer, or any product you wish to dispense with an aerosol-type mist. Available in white or black.

    Clear PET bottle with black or white 360° sprayers.

    Environmentally friendly, propellant free aerosol-like mist

    Fine droplet size mist with 99% bottle evacuation

    360º sprayer works at any angle, even completely upside down

    One pull of the trigger mists for one second releasing 1.25mL of liquid

    Grab n Go Mist Sprayer / Bottle, 50oz, Each

    In Stock
    Price $13.25
    Availability: 25 In Stock

    Features EZ Pump operation for quick, effortless and easy operation

    Uniquely designed weighted dip tube consistently pulls liquids from the bottom of the mister

    Weighted diptude also allows for continuing spraying at all angles

    Integrated pressure release valve built into cap to safely release pressure prior to cleaning or adding liquid

    Adjustable poly cone nozzle allows operator to adjust spray from wide fan to stream with a fingertip

    Handle & spray unit conveniently spins on and off for easy filling and cleaning

    Industrial Poly Bleach Sprayer, 1 Gal

    In Stock
    Price $49.99
    Availability: 2 In Stock

    Chapin's 20075 bleach sprayer is perfect for cleaning mold and mildew, removing algae, and disinfecting surfaces with a dilute bleach solution. 

    1-Gallon funnel-top, translucent tank for easy filling and cleaning

    Compatible with bleach solutions and fungicides

    Poly shut-off, reinforced hose and wand holder

    Adjustable cone nozzle

    Ergonomic handle for easy pumping and carrying

    Applications: Bleach, General Purpose Cleaning

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