Waterless Antibacterial Hand Soap

Soapopular Triclosan Free Premium Anti bacterial Hand Soap 


Attributes are: 

  • Triclosan free.

  • Alcohol free

  • High efficacy for killing germs but in soap with water

  • Non toxic

  • Non flammable not like others who use alcohol

  • 3200 application per 1000ml refill for dispensers so more cost effective then competition

  • Kid friendly

  • Hydrating and rich soap lather

  • Cost effective soap because of the # off application and rich foaming vs. liquid soap for either Soapopular

Efficacy of Soapopular for both Triclosan free Antibacterial Soap and Alcohol free Sanitizer

1) Health Canada performed efficacy testing on the original DIN formula for SOAPOPULAR  awarded a DIN # in 2006.

2) Tests were completed under EU standard EN 1650, EN 1276, EN 13727 all which demonstrate efficacy against bacteria’s identified under the MONOGRAPH described and with Health Canada and other worldwide health agencies for the category of cosmetic hand sanitizer.  We are register with FDA

3) Health Quebec government testing under our original SOAPOPULAR trade name “anti-microbe” is attached as well.

4) H1N1 testing and Airvac Lab testing with corona virus

5) UK Product Safety testing

6) General SOAPOPULAR SCIENCE REVIEW is on our web site


Other information provided that can be provided

7) Practical use test performed at Vancouver general Hospital Emerg Unit

8) Excerpt from a list of Canadian Health Care Locations of Use


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