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    AVMOR Extra Cleaner Degreaser, Jug Container Size: 4 L

    In Stock
    Price $23.00
    Availability: 22000000 In Stock

    EXTRA is a fast acting degreaser with penetrating cleaning agents and solvents, acting synergistically to give maximum product performance. EXTRA is non-flammable and contains no ammonia. EXTRA goes to work immediately to suspend and emulsify carbon, lipstick, grease, gum, dirt and oil. Its non-clogging type formula cleans without leaving deposits on the coils and jets of steam cleaning units.

    LESTOIL 25007 Heavy Duty All Purpose Cleaner, Degreaser, Grease & Stains, 800-mL

    In Stock
    Price $5.29
    Availability: 1000000 In Stock

    Concentrated heavy duty cleaner powers through grease and stains

    Cleans garage floors and other surfaces where grease and oil exist

    Great for counters and floors, walls and appliances

    Size: 800 mL 

    Lestoil Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Cleaner helps you tackle the most stubborn household stains, inside and out. Use on counters, garage floors, and patios. This heavy duty cleaner will even remove tar and fresh paint. When trying to remove oil, ink, food, grease and grass stains and from clothing, use this heavy duty cleaner in the laundry. Stains dont stand a chance with Lestoil Multi-Purpose Cleaner.

    One 48 ounce bottle of Lestoil Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Cleaner

    Removes stains inside and outside of your home

    Use on counters, garage floors, and patios

    Removes a variety of stains on clothes when used in the laundry

    Removes tar and fresh paint

    SUPERCLEAN Cleaner & Degreaser, Bottle Format: 946 ml

    In Stock
    Price $11.11
    Availability: 200000 In Stock


    32 ounce

    The Original Tough-Task Cleaner-Degreaser. Pull the trigger and Super Clean goes to work, dissolving grease and removing grime, oil, wax, dirt, and tar. Super Easy. Super Fast. Use it at full strength for super cleaning power. Dilute it for everyday messes and you’ve got super value. Industrial strength, yet biodegradable and phosphate-free.

    AVMOR EP67 EcoPure™ Heavy-Duty Industrial Degreaser, 4 L

    In Stock
    Price $44.00
    Availability: 20000 In Stock

    EP67 Heavy Duty Industrial Degreaser quickly and effectively removes grease, oily residue, carbon, ink, petroleum and soot from washable surfaces. EP67 can be used on floors, walls, ceramic, plastic, copper, brass, metal, concrete and other surfaces not harmed by water.

    • No phosphates.

    • No VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).

    • No added fragrance.

    • Organic ingredients in this product are readily biodegradable in accordance with OECD 301 standard.

    • No 2-butoxyethanol.

    CRC CANADA HydroForce® Zero VOC General-Purpose Cleaner, Jug Container Size: 3.8 L

    In Stock
    Price $66.79
    Availability: 20000 In Stock
    • Provides maximum regulatory compliance without performance compromises
    • Strong enough to attack and remove tough dirt, dust and grime deposits
    • Contains no phosphates, ammonia or bleach
    • Non-flammable and biodegradable
    • Formulated with a special polymer that keeps dirt and greasy soils from returning to surfaces
    • Applications include tools, parts, grills, tires, engines, drives, motors, shop equipment, lawn & garden equipment, fabric stains and floor wax removal
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