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Pet Motion Vibrating Steam Mop

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Steam cleaning is an all-natural way to clean and sanitize your floors and is safe for everyone, including pets! SALAV's Pet Motion Vibrating Steam Mop is an all-around floor cleaner with vibrating steam power to deep clean your floors. With convenient power control buttons on the handle and body, scrubbing and steaming away pet stains and odors has never been easier!

Included accessories: Snap-on carpet glider, 2 mop pads, water cup

Sanitizing Steam Mop with LED - 2

Sanitizing Steam Mop with LED

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The SALAV STM-402 Steam Mop features a large triangular mop head with bright LED lights to help you spot and remove dirt and grime from your sealed hard floors. The 1100 watts of steam cleans, disinfects and refreshes most floor types and the included carpet glider helps you keep your carpets clean & fresh too! The steam mop heats up in a quick 45 seconds and the telescopic aluminum pole extends for comfort. The included microfiber mop pads help lift liquids & dirt from floors and are reusable and machine washable.   Each box includes: Steam Mop, 2 mop pads, 1 water cup, 1 carpet glider. Available in beautiful metallic blue & metallic gold.