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    Brandenburg GENUS® Eclipse Insect Light Trap, White, 2x15W

    In Stock
    Price $199.99
    Availability: 20000 In Stock

    Genus Eclipse Insect Light Trap


    Genus® Eclipse Insect Light Trap has been designed for sensitive areas such as front end dining locations. With it's stylish white or black covers, Eclipse can blend in anywhere! Servicing is quick and easy, and bulbs are available in black light blue and white. Plus, the cover is fully customizable to more closely match surrounding decor to blend in better!

    Genus® Eclipse Insect Light Trap Features:

    * Black Cover - 2x15 Watt blue UVA tubes (30 Watts)

    * White Cover - 2x15 Watt white UVA tubes (30 Watts)

    * Stylish design for 'front of house' locations

    * Electronic ballast for reduced energy costs

    * Utilizes Brandenburg Universal Glue Board

    * Can be personalized to enhance your brand

    Genus® Eclipse Insect Light Trap Dimensions:

    * Black Cover: 16.1"H x 11.9"W x 3.7"D

    * White Cover: 16.1"H x 11.9"W x 3.7"D

    Genus® Eclipse Insect Light Trap Uses:

    Restaurants: Dining area and bar area/tight space.

    Food Processing Plants: Employee dining.

    Supermarkets/Groceries: Areas with tight space.

    Healthcare/Hospitals/Pharmaceutical/Laboratories: Public areas.

    Office Buildings: Dining areas and food courts.

    Shopping Malls: Public areas and food courts.

    Hotels/Motels: Public areas.

    Comes with 2 bulbs installed and 1 glue board.

    Brandenburg 10810000 GENUS® Futura Compact Insect Light Trap, 2 x 15W T5 Standard Black Light Bulbs

    In Stock
    Price $384.03
    Availability: 20000 In Stock

    Can be wall mounted vertically, horizontally or into a corner where space is at a premium

    Magnetic catch door for quick & easy access to bulbs and glue board

    Large, fully grid marked glue board for HACCP compliance

    Requires 312750-00 Futura Compact Glue Boards

    Requires 210530-00 2x15 Watt T5 BL bulbs

    Brandenburg GENUS® COBRA 10700100 Insect Light Trap Catcher, Cobra Translucent ,Sleeved Lamps 3x15w -1/cs

    In Stock
    Price $628.39
    Availability: 20000 In Stock

    Insect Light Trap Catcher - Cobra Translucent ,Sleeved Lamps 3x15w -1/cs

    An efficient Insect Light Trap optimised for greater UV light propagation

    Genus® Cobra utilises Translucent Technology™ to deliver unparalleled fly catch performance, sustainability, and energy savings.

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