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    SAFECROSS Sani-Hands® ALC Antimicrobial Hand Wipes, Canister Wipes/Canister: 135/Tub

    In Stock
    Price $18.99
    Availability: 200000 In Stock

    Pre-saturated with alcohol gel;

    Reduces the chance of cross contamination;

    Effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts;

    Ideal for cleansing caregiver's hands prior to patient care;

    For use in hospitals, emergency centres, clinics, ambulances, mobile units, institutions and first aid rooms;

    SAFECROSS Sani-Hands® ALC Antimicrobial Hand Wipes, Packet of 100

    In Stock
    Price $14.00
    Availability: 20000 In Stock

    Antimicrobial gel rub enhanced by the friction of the wipe delivery system are proven to remove soil and kill 99.99% of microorganisms

    Clinical study demonstrated higher microbial reduction than an alcohol gel rub*

    Cleans and sanitizes hands when soap and water are not available

    Clinically proven to hydrate the skin after repeated use

    Fragrance free and dye free

    FDA Food Code Compliant - Approved for use before eating

    Individual packets ideal for meal trays

    Contains moisturizing aloe, glycerin and Vitamin E

    Box of 100 individual packets

    SAFECROSS Red-Z® Fluid Solidifier, Biohazard Clean-Up

    In Stock
    Price $15.99
    Availability: 20000 In Stock
    • Absorbs and solidifies potentially hazardous body fluid spills including blood, vomit, urine and feces
    • Disinfects and neutralizes odours
    • Absorbs up to 150 times its own weight
    • Ideal for industrial/commercial facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, transportation vehicles, ships, correctional facilities, laboratories, medical and dental offices, police departments, clinics and hotels
    • 142 g bottle

    SAFECROSS Sani-Cloth® Plus Surface Disinfectant Wipe & Cleaner, 160 ct

    In Stock
    Price $20.00
    Availability: 20000 In Stock

    Packaged in a convenient dispenser for easy access, 160 cloths per tub

    Ready-to-use disposable cloths pre-moistened with bactericidal disinfectant

    For disinfection and cleaning of instruments and all hard surfaces such as countertops and equipment

    Effectively disinfects against: influenza A2/HK, tuberculosis and HIV-1 (AIDS) virus, herpes simplex type II, polio I virus and salmonella

    Ideal for hospitals, health care facilities, first aid rooms, ambulances and other areas where avoidance of cross contamination is essential

    SAFECROSS Ear Thermometer Type: Digital Medical Device Class: Class 2

    In Stock
    Price $160.00
    Availability: 5678 In Stock
    • Type: Digital
    • Medical Device Class: Class 2
    • Easy to use, ear thermometer for quick and accurate temperature measurements
    • Complete with automatic shut-off feature, backlit display and audible beep tone when temperature measurement is complete
    • Displays temperature in Centigrade or Fahrenheit in a large, digital display format
    • Replaceable filters protect against the spread of germs
    • Eliminates the risk of glass breakage
    • Suitable for all ages
    • Requires 2 lithium batteries (included)
    • Complete with storage case and 21 lens filters
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