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    Kimtech A2 Aviation Wipes, Aerospace, Solvent Wipers, Center Pull, 12” x 12.5”, 60 Sheets, 6 Rolls

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    28648 KIMTEC JANITORIAL & WIPERS 60-CT Kimtech A2 Aviation Cleaning Wipes are the Kimtech Brand’s most durable aviation wiper, specifically designed for abrasive surfaces. Made from a durable, disposable polyester and polyamide microfiber spunlace material, they are ideal for use in areas that require low lint and extractables. These aviation / aerospace wipers are compatible with most solvents used in aviation (such as MEK, TCE, Acetone, MPK, Isopropanol, etc…). They’re specially engineered to perform in all areas of Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and Maintenance Repair Operations (MRO), including paint surface prep, engine maintenance and general-purpose cleaning. All Kimtech Aviation Wipes meet the requirements of BMS 15-5G (Boeing Material Specifications). They are the ultimate in aviation precision wiping performance. You can trust the Kimtech Brand for new wiping solutions designed to meet aviation industry needs. . 6 Center-Pull Rolls of Kimtech A2 Aviation Wipers / case, 60 sheets / roll, 360 sheets / case; 12" x 12.5" each; White; Compatible with Kimtech Bucket System (SKU 28646). Kimtech A2 Aviation Wipes are made of a durable polyester and polyamide microfiber spunlace material for use on abrasive surfaces that require low lint and extractables. Compatible with most common solvents used in aviation (including MEK, TCE, Acetone, MPK, Isopropanol, etc…)

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