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    Impact Chemotec, Pine, Chemo-Pin Floor Detergent & Deodorizer

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    Price $13.50
    Availability: 20000 In Stock

    DESCRIPTION: This pine floor detergent cleans and deodorizes floors and other surfaces even in cold water. It is solvent-free and has a pleasant pine scent as it is made from natural pine oil.

    FOR BEST RESULTS: Dilute with hot or cold water in the folllowing concentrations: Light cleaning (damp mopping): 1:50 Heavy cleaning: 1:20

    NOTE: Do not let product spoil food, feed or potable water during use. Do not use on food contact surfaces. The amount of product used should not be in excess of that required to achieve its intended technical effect.

    STORAGE: Keep in a tightly sealed container in a well-ventilated room. Do not store on surfaces that may come into contact food products.


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