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    VIM Power and Shine Kitchen Cleaner For Tough Grease and Streak-Free Shine 100 percent Naturally Derived Cleaning...

    In Stock
    Price $4.97
    Availability: 20000 In Stock
    • Vim Power and Shine Kitchen Spray easily cuts through your toughest kitchen dirt
    • The perfect cleaner for removing grease, food spillages and burnt-on food from kitchen surfaces
    • Spray cleaner with 100 percent biodegradable fragrance that leaves behind no harsh smells
    • Leaves your house with sparkling and beautiful streak-free kitchen surfaces
    • This kitchen cleaner is formulated with 100 percent naturally derived cleaning agent
    • A sparkingly clean home is a joy to live in, with this kitchen spray cleaner, Vim will help you achieve your own beautiful ending

    Vim, Lemon Cream, Surface Cleaner, 500ml

    In Stock
    Price $3.99
    Availability: 20000 In Stock
    • Vim Cream cleans the tough stuff easily!
    • Vim Lemon Cream is a versatile surface cleaner that can help make things look new again
    • Use it for: burnt-on food, tough dirt and scum, watermarks and tough grease
    • You'll be amazed at what you can rejuvenate with our multi-purpose cleaner
    • Squirt directly onto surface or damp sponge, rub gently and rinse thoroughly and wipe clean
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