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100 Pc Melamine Sponge Magic Sponge Eraser Kitchen

In Stock
Price $42.99 /CAD
In Stock

-100% Brand new and high quality!

-Made of eco materials, clean most of dust, stain without detergent.

-Can be cut into any sizes for a suitable shape.

-Good for clean sink, bathroom, refrigerator, range hood, etc.


-Do not scrub too hard.

-Do not sterilize sponge in hot water or detergent.

-Do not use for glossy, polished surface, such as car, PC screen, etc.

-Recommend to wear gloves when you use it.


-Material: Sponge

-Single Size: (L * W * H)100 * 60 * 20mm

How to Use:

-Soak sponge in the water, squeeze out water slightly;

-Scrub on stain area gently;

-Warm water may helpful;

-Rinse the dirty sponge with cold water after use and let it dry.

Aerosolve II Solvent Degreaser - [Cleaning Supplies Canada Discounts] - 0181 - [DefendUse.com]

Aerosolve II Solvent Degreaser

In Stock
Price $21.00 /CAD
In Stock

Aerosolve II Solvent Degreaser

  • Formulated with high-purity chlorinated solvents
  • Ideal for degreasing metal parts before welding, soldering or brazing
  • Contains no 1,1,1-trichloroethane or other ozone-depleting compounds
  • Dielectric strength is typically 36,000 volts


Container Size

20 oz.

Container Type

Aerosol Can

Sold/Priced per



12 Cans

Air Wick V.I.Poo Toilet Perfume Spray, Lavender Superstar Scent, 55 mL, 6/55ml - 1

Air Wick V.I.Poo Toilet Perfume Spray, Lavender Superstar Scent, 55 mL, 6/55ml

In Stock
Price $53.00 /CAD
In Stock
  • Change the way you deal with embarrassing bathroom odours
  • The spray traps nasty smells in the below and releases a fragrance that leaves the bathroom smelling better than before you used it
  • 55 mL
  • How it Works: Shake well. Spray 3-5 times directly into the toilet bowl, onto the water, BEFORE USE.
  • Lavender Superstar scent