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30L Household Stainless Steel Pedal Bin Sorting Trash Can Double Barrel - 1

30L Household Stainless Steel Pedal Bin Sorting Trash Can Double Barrel

In Stock
Price $179.99 /CAD
In Stock

15L + 15L household stainless steel sorting foot-operated trash can large diameter double barrel dry and wet sorting trash can



* Double barrel design, separate dry and wet garbage.

* Stainless steel handle, lightweight inner barrel, easy to extract from the inner barrel, avoid touching and dirty hands.

* Large opening design, up to 15L + 15L large-capacity trash can, there is no need to stretch your hands and bend over when throwing trash, and you don't have to worry about not having enough space to store trash.

* Foot pedal opening and closing switch, widened and thick metal pedal, one-button opening, simple operation and comfortable stepping.

* Steel barrel body, stainless steel surface gloss, easy to clean, strong and durable.

* Convenient inner barrel, adopts lightweight inner barrel design, safe and healthy, no peculiar smell, safe and durable.

* The lid of the bucket is tightly fitted to prevent odor and freshen the home.

* Modular design, can be assembled, don't worry about courier crushing.



Name: Classification foot-operated trash can

Material: ABS + 430 stainless steel

Type: Double-barrel wet and dry sorting trash can

Opening method: foot-operated

Capacity: 15L + 15L

Size: 35 * 25 * 53cm

Color: silver + black


Packing included:

1 * Classification Foot-Operated Trash Can