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Hach, Chlorine Test Strips, 50 Count

In Stock
Price $41.50 /CAD
In Stock

Accurate and easy to use — just dip and read!

Great for quick, on-site evaluations of free and total chlorine levels

No measuring, set-up, clean-up, or chemical handling are necessary

Hydrion® Insta-Check® 0-13 pH test paper L × W 50 ft × 7/32  in. - 1

Hydrion® Insta-Check® 0-13 pH test strips paper L × W 50 ft × 7/32 in.

In Stock
Price $39.99 /CAD
In Stock

General description

A wide range, direct-reading, general-purpose pH paper with color chart of 14 colors, pH range 0 to 13. Test paper is supplied in convenient dispenser packages each with its own color chart.

The Insta-Chek offers 14 colors with 1 paper for 14 pH values. The ultimate in wide range, general purpose pH papers.

One dip determines any pH from 0 to 13, with color chart check points at each unit pH value - no guessing.

Distinct and easily read color seperations

Accurate, reproducible readings with an immediate response

Standard 7/32" x 15' roll and color chart