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Dustbane 52510 Biodegradable Sweeping Compound, 100kg - [DefendUse.com] - 52510 - Dustbane Commercial Solutions

Dustbane 52510 Biodegradable Sweeping Compound, 100kg

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Price $189.00 /CAD
In Stock

Dustbane 100% Biodegradable Sweeping Compound, 100kg.

Traps dust on contact. Spreading it at the start prevents dust and dirt from becoming airborne and resettling when sweeping. Sweeping Compound works by trapping dust particles and dirt so they cannot escape until you have a chance to sweep them up. Sweeping compound is made from top-quality recycled materials, contains no petroleum ingredients and is 100% biodegradable, making it safe to use.

Dustbane's compound containers are made of recycled plastic from Ontario’s Blue Box Program. Once empty, the container is also a very useful waste receptacle or storage container for our customers.


A little goes a long way! Sprinkle a thin line across the starting point of the surface to clean, then sweep. It is not necessary or recommended to cover the entire floor with the compound. Sweep immediately after applying as floors could become slippery if applied for extended periods of time.

Where to Use

Intended for use in industrial settings. Ideal for use on wood, concrete and metal floors in food plants and other industrial areas. Its high absorbency rate makes it ideal to clean up water spills, vomit and other accidents. Avoid contamination of food in the application and storage of this product.