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LONGARM ProCurve® 3-Section Extension Poles, 8-24' - [DefendUse.com] - 3824 - Commercial & Home Cleaning Solutions

LONGARM ProCurve® 3-Section Extension Poles, 8-24'

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Price $99.99 /CAD
In Stock

Extend your reach to clean windows and solar panels with this easy to use telescopic extension pole. The body features a fluted fiberglass texture providing you with a good grip even when wet. Unlike aluminum bodied poles, the ProCurve is not hot to the touch when left in the sun, or cold to handle during the winter. The curved slider tube is anodized which prevents rusting. The external chuck and collet locking mechanism will secure the slider tube at any desired length. The tapered adaptor has a patented feature that when combined with the ProCurve Tool Handle, allows the tool handle to swivel freely. The unique curve of the tube allows the user to manipulate the movements of the tool handle to reach areas that would otherwise be impossible to do if using a straight pole.