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1 Minute TB Kill Ultra-Swipe Disinfecting Wipes, 160 ct - 2

1 Minute TB Kill Ultra-Swipes Disinfecting Wipes, 160 ct

In Stock
Price $32.00 /CAD
In Stock

Disposable cloths clean, disinfect and deodorize hard surfaces and instruments

Ethanol formulation provides hospital-level disinfection to destroy a wide range of pathogens, including HIV-1 (AIDS) and TB in just 3 minute

160 sheets per canister

DIN #02267276

Effective against emerging pathogens, such as SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)

This product has been reviewed by Health Canada and meets requirements for emerging viral pathogens. Click HERE to learn more.

Fast 1-minute broad spectrum kill

Bactericidal, Mycobactericidal, Fungicidal and Virucidal

Neutral pH formula is safe on most metals, plastics and rubbers

Easy-tear eyelet lid + durable cloth

Wipes stay saturated improving surface coverage and wetness

No residue or streaking

Unique easy to hold canister

NEW large size wipes available