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    GLOBE 17 Inch X 14 Inch Terry Cloth, 28 Oz - 10 Lb Box Of 60 Cloths

    In Stock
    Price $87.65
    Availability: 1000000 In Stock

    Terry cloths are convenient, reusable and delicate enough to use in any commercial environment. These terry cloths are economical an are an upgrade to basic reclaimed wipers and do a much more effective job. They are perfect for commercial kitchens, hotels, cafeterias and general janitorial use.

    WIPECO New Material Jersey Wiping Rags, Cotton, Mix Colours, 25 lbs.

    In Stock
    Price $75.00
    Availability: 20000 In Stock

    Disposable cloth wiping rags provide excellent absorbency, durability, versatility and low price

    Packaged in waterproof compressed poly bags to save on transportation and storage

    Compressed bags are stackable and easy to handle

    Ideal for applying oils and finishes, cleaning tools and machinery, or mopping up spills

    Material is scanned in a metal detecting machine to remove foreign bodies

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