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    Sanitary Liner, 5 Gallon, 375 Bags

    In Stock
    Price $121.00
    Availability: 400000 In Stock

    Suitable for use with 5-gallon trash bins, these Rubbermaid FG402339 trash bags are a good choice for small, personal trash cans or waste collection bins under desks. Providing a shield between the can and garbage materials, the liner helps prevent grimy buildup from sticking directly to the can. The bags are white for a neat and tidy look.

    Product Details
    Trash can bin liners
    5-gal. capacity
    Protect can interiors from waste residue
    Streamline emptying procedures
    TC Bin Liners, 5 gallon (25 rolls per case, 15 liners per roll, 375 liners total)


    Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG402338 Sanitary Waste Bin (Rectangular, 5-Gallon)

    In Stock
    Price $121.00
    Availability: 400000 In Stock

    Designed to provide a safe and hygienic way to dispose of sanitary waste.
    - An easy to access foot pedal enables hands-free trash disposal, and a
    deep chute helps prevent trash from getting stuck.
    - Features a smooth contoured shape that allows for easy cleaning.

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