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*Rechargeable Blue Light Nanotechnology Cold-Spray Gun Atomizing Disinfection Sprayer, Wireless Spray Machine 350 mL - [DefendUs
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*Rechargeable Blue Light Nanotechnology Cold-Spray Gun Atomizing Disinfection Sprayer, Wireless Spray Machine 350 mL

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Nano Atomizers produce a dry fog that is not charged with electricity.

This application is safe for fabrics and electronics. Efficiently disinfect without the tiresome labor of spraying, scrubbing and wiping. No rinsing required with nontoxic disinfectants, making this safe for kids, plants, and pets. Please follow your chemical MSDS and instructions for use.

Effectively gets into hard to reach areas for complete coverage.

We suggest you purchase two units: 1 for use, 1 for charge to allow continuous use in spray disinfection. 

• Disinfection and sterilization remove odors, can be used in places that need to be disinfected and cleaned, 15 minutes fresh and effective, immediate,In-depth cleaning,atomizing and humidifying, spraying and wiping when dirty, cleaning immediately, is not only a disinfection gun, but also an air humidifier

• Nano spray gun material: high-quality nano nozzle, using PA high temperature resistant material, fast atomization, a large amount of mist, can quickly moisturize the air. Putting the disinfectant into the volumetric flask can also be used for disinfection and sterilization, safe and effective

• New nanotechnology: The steam design adopts nano atomization technology, which can effectively penetrate ten times, improve cell vitality, and make the skin healthier and younger. The corrosion-resistant container is compatible with various disinfectants, and can also be sprayed with alcohol, which is very suitable for disinfection in offices, restaurants, and homes.

• Mist control button: It has a mist control button, a one-key atomization switch, and a rotary button can adjust the mist size, which is convenient and quick to use,built-in 2000mAH lithium battery, and equipped with a charger, charging time is 2 hours, can be used for 70-120 minutes

• Suitable for multiple scenarios: The compact body makes it easy to use anywhere, and its ergonomic design makes you feel comfortable and easy to carry. As a spray sterilization, it can be used for home, room, office and clothing sterilization

• 120V Charging Cable

• Spray Distance of 2-3 meters

• 30 Micron Sprayer

• Nozzle Diameter of 0.3 mm

• ABS Plastic

• 350mL Refill Bottle

Recommended For:

Hospital Grade Disinfectant with DIN

General Purpose Disinfectant with DIN

What Solution Do I Use?

The device can handle any non-corrosive liquid solution. The amounts of the solution on surfaces is entirely up to the users application spraying time. For example, focusing on a specific area for longer periods of time, increases the amount of liquid on the surface to increase contact exposure time of the liquid. Follow the disinfectant manufacturers SDS datasheet or instruction manual to know contact time required to disinfect surfaces.