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Where To Use Resolve Pre-Treat?

Grass Stains

Need to get that soccer uniform clean before the next game? Ground-in grass and mud stains are no match. Resolve treats the toughest dried-in stains the first time.

Red Stains

Spill Cabernet on your favorite tablecloth? Don’t worry. Use Resolve to remove tough red stains like wine, blood and ketchup the first time.

Coffee Stains

Coffee, latte, cappuccino, espresso - we love our coffee, but hate the stains it can leave behind. Use Resolve to remove stains.

Food & Grease Stains

Food and grease stains are especially difficult to get out, but are no match for Resolve.

How To Use?

Spray directly on the stain.

Wait no more than 5 minutes.

Rub into the stain.

Wash according to care label.


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