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We thought it was important to share some insight as to why it's better to choose us over some other commercial, ecommerce and retail sellers. 

First and foremost, for every purchase 10% of our profit is donated annually to goodwill projects. You can contribute to this by requesting us to contribute to your project and, it doesn't even need to be charitable. It isn't about the benefit, it is about the giving which is the foundation of our business.

One important aspect in purchasing is to understand whom it is your buying from.

Did you know, large chains and ecommerce platforms popularly used today often don't need to profit from the sale of the product? Shocker isn't it! This means, when you see that product you love for $3.49 and it seems very frugal; that very well could be the true cost of the product from the manufacturer or not too far from it. 

Often, their profit is driven from other things such as their own private label branding or their own web-based advertising platforms that sub-stores pay them hundreds of millions of dollars for advertising on a daily basis. The intelligent, yet, worst part about this type of income is that, the income is entirely FREE and users do most of the work for them. 

The problem distributors alike face is that these popular platforms don't care as much as to how cheap the product sells on the platform because they are confident in the income from the other sources to afford it, so FREE is considered okay.

It begins the race to zero on product; reduces brand value, reduces product value, brings price down, and reduces the value of -price- itself. Scary isn't it! The average user doesn't see this, understand it, or care as we hit checkout because the price is just so good for that $3.49 brand that we love. I know, we fall for it too sometimes.

Next time you're looking to get that chemical or cleaning product, think twice to understand who your buying from before you hit checkout. Sometimes, short term gains have massive negative long-term effects. We just don't see them yet but they are lurking around the corner.

By purchasing online here, your putting dollars into hands who need it most. 

If you choose us, thank you. If not, thank you for passing by! Thanks for your support!

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