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Firewood & Kindling Blocks

Use real firewood to enhance the coziness of your fire pit.


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    Xtraflame Ecological Firewood HANDY 8 x 2.6lb, 90/Pallet, Sold by Pallet

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    The Xtraflame premium fireplace logs contain 8 logs at 2.6lbs each. The all natural, prime quality hardwood sawdust is pressed without any additives or chemicals. The logs do not spark which reduces the smoke. The ecological logs produce very little creosote and have a low ash residue. They contain no dirt, insects or mould and have a very low humidity level. The logs are highly compressed which create high flames, perfect for ambiance fires in the evening. Each log burns approximately 40-50 minutes.

    Natural, prime quality hardwood sawdust pressed without any additives or chemicals

    No dirt, insects or mold

    Low ash residue

    No sparks, reduced smoke

    Produces very little creosote

    Low humidity level

    Burning time approximately 40-50 minutes per log

    Performance log to create a fast and very hot fire

    High flames

    Useful to create an ember bed before adding other logs

    Perfect for ambiance fires of short duration

    2.6 lb

    Duraflame Wax logs 6 x 1.5 hr, 96/Pallet, Sold by Pallet

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    Price $959.00
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    The 6 lb. Duraflame 1.5-hr Firelogs Fast Lighting lights fully in less than 5 minutes. This item is durable, long-lasting and helps produce robust flames that can last up to four hours. Duraflame 6 lb. Firelogs are designed to light faster and burn more completely than firewood. This product is also environmentally friendly because far less material is consumed when burning a firelog, which results in significantly fewer pollutants being emitted than a comparable wood fire. You can use these firelogs in an indoor, open-hearth fireplace or outdoor fireplace or fire pit, making them versatile and convenient. Duraflame Firelogs are UL-approved for use in UL-listed, factory built fireplaces. This is a Chimney Safety Institute of America Accepted Product.

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