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    Disinfecting Wipes for Floor Stand Dispenser, Carton of 4 Rolls, 800/Roll

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    Price $403.00
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    Disinfecting Wipes for Floor Stand Dispenser

    Active ingredient is 0.08% Benzalkonium Chloride (BZK).

    These wipes are great for all kinds of surfaces including tables and shopping cart handles.

    Use this PPE product in entryways, retail shops, offices, near elevators and more. Both staff and customers can use them in fitness centers to wipe down exercise equipment including mats, seats and handles on exercise machines, weight benches, chrome plating, rubber surfaces, electronic panels and even on free weights. Keep a large quantity on hand so equipment can be cleaned both before and after use.

    With our communities reopening, staff at day care centers and camps can use these wipes on children’s toys like plastic bowling pins, blocks, toy cars, easels and arts and crafts tables. The wipes are strong and pre-moistened so there is no need to add liquid prior to use, making cleaning quick and easy. Each wipe is 8” x 6”. They are also unscented and contain no perfumes so they may be used by the widest range of people.


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